The tense cross between Luisa Albinoni and Catherine Fulop in "MasterChef Celebrity 3": "I have my bowls … full"

” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ It is clear that, in addition to the competition that takes place, it aims to entertain. Faced with this concept, Luisa Albinoni and Catherine Fulop They are two of the funniest contestants, especially because of their charisma. Due to the test imposed by the juries, on Tuesday they had to work together and they did not go unnoticed.

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The eight members of the program they were forced to do a pair with colleagues, so there were unexpected moments. One of the four groups was a clash of personalities, which left some crossovers that were fun even for Santiago del Moro, host of the reality show.

The format of the test indicated that one, in this case Fulop, had the responsibility of being the main cook and the other, Albinoni, had to be an assistant. This marked a difference in authority, which meant tension in the recording studio kitchens. Faced with the insistent requests of the model, the actress did not hold back and exploded while finishing the preparation.

“Bring me a frying pan with butter”, requested the mother of Oriana Sabatini in front of the cameras. Instantly, his partner answered very sincerely: “Sorry but I have my bowls … full. Far from ending the outburst there, he explained in the post-production of the episode: “Prepare this for me, bring me the pot, what do I know. Hey girl, little one, two, three, four. It’s driving me crazy“.

Beyond Albinoni’s complaints, during the return of the jurors they showed that they have a great relationship. Much of what they showed throughout the preparation was an acting, something that viewers valued on social networks.

Check out the tense crossover between Luisa Albinoni and Catherine Fulop in “MasterChef Celebrity 3”!

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