The tender moment when a newborn smiles when she hears her father’s voice for the first time

The adorable Antonella Vilela was not yet a month old Brazil, but an image of him with his parents took over all the social networks to the point of becoming a viral phenomenon In Internet. The photo of the baby traveled the world after smiling with his father when he heard it for the first time.

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Showing love without saying a word is an action that represents a lot of value. A clear example is reflected in a tender situation that occurred within the facilities of the Marcílio Dias military medical center, located in Rio de Janeiro.

Newborn baby smiles when hearing his father’s voice

When the Father’s day In Brazilian territory (every second Sunday in August), Antonella’s parents staged a particular scene: after the delivery, the newborn smiled at the moment of hearing the voice of her father, Flavio. Everything was registered on Instagram.

“When I saw my family for the first time”, his mother wrote Tarsila Rosa by posting the moving photograph on the account dedicated to your little one . The post was shared in August 2019, but it continues to garner reactions.

The parents’ story

In dialogue with , Flavio said that he told his baby it was “Hello daughter, dad is here”. At that moment, “She opened her eyes and smiled at me”. “(It was) an unexplained moment. I have no words to describe what I felt. It is a very great love ”, Antonella’s father added.

For her part, mother Tarsila recognized “The support of the husband during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. It is necessary to be with the woman, especially in pregnancy, when we are very sensitive “.

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