The tender gesture of Sabrina Rojas with Tucu López: the details

The separation between Sabrina rojas and Luciano Castro placeholder imageBoth were treated well for the time they spent together and, especially, for the sake of their children. As if that were not enough, they were happy when each one started with their new partners and this caught the attention of their followers.

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Regardless of what public opinion thinks, it is clear that romances are going from strength to strength. Especially that of Rojas with Tucu Lopez, who have been dating for months. The couple who met at some functions of “Sex” It seems to be going through a great moment and a movement of the conduit makes it clear.

According to what he reported La Pavada from Diario Crónica, the actor left his bachelor apartment located in Villa Urquiza and moved to a larger one. As expected, his girlfriend helped with the move as a pledge to his new love. People close to her indicate that she is very much in love and that is why she does not want to let him go, something that leads her to modify moments of her routine to spend more time with two.

López was able to meet his partner’s children a few days ago, in what was a pleasant family gathering. They spent an afternoon in the open air and he made a great impression, he even has a very good relationship with Luciano Castro, who was not jealous at any time. The three of them even took a photo together, something that caught the attention of many people and caused some debate.

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