The summer I fell in love on Prime Video: details and release date of the series

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Pime Video is preparing a new and great premiere for this month of June. Get all the details about the summer i fell in love.

The protagonist of The Summer I Fell in Love
© Prime VideoThe protagonist of The Summer I Fell in Love

A new month started Prime Video It has already presented its calendar with which it plans to continue attracting spectators. The platform, which has been present in Latin America for six years, is a complete success in terms of productions. In general, the fictions that are launched through this on-demand service reach international fury. So much so that, for the month of June could not be the exception.

This is because in just a few days Prime Video will launch a romantic strip that promises to enchant thousands of viewers around the world. Is about the summer i fell in love, a series that consists of only 7 episodes in which love, drama, and comedy will be the main protagonists. The fiction has a very striking cast in which Lola Tung will play Belly, the main character of this story. But, before the big premiere, we tell you all the details of this series.

+ All the details of The Summer I Fell in Love:

Release date:

the summer i fell in love Coming to Prime Video on June 17. The series will premiere on the platform with all of its seven episodes. In them the love story between Belly and her two great loves of hers, Jeremiah and Conrad, will start a great fiction.


The series, which is already highly anticipated by fans of romance in Prime Video, follows the life of Belly, a girl who measures her life based on the experiences she goes through in the summer. For her, everything good and magical happens between the months that she doesn’t have to attend school. But, in the last summer, everything changes for her when she discovers that Jeremiah and Conrad, her two great friends, are actually her great loves.

Is it based on a book?

The answer is simple: yes. the summer i fell in love is an adaptation of the book by Jenny Han who wrote three novels of this story. The first book is the one that will adapt the upcoming series, then there is there is no summer without you and finally, We will always have summer.

Will it have a second season?

Yes! There are few series that confirm their second season before the premiere of the first, but this is one of them. This is because, just a few days ago, Prime Video confirmed that they renewed the fiction for a second edition. Is that the fact that the story is based on novels opens up the possibilities of more seasons. Moreover, this strip could have a third part, especially considering that there are three writings.


The leading actors of the summer i fell in love They are Lola Tung who will play Belly, Christopher Briney will play Conrad while Gavin Casalengo will do the same with Jeremiah. Also joining the cast are Rachel Blanchard as Susannah, Jackie Chung as Laurel, Sean Kaufman as Steven, and Alfredo Narciso as Cleveland.

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