The striking post of Nicole Neumann after Mica Viciconte announces her pregnancy with Fabián Cubero

On Tuesday, November 23, Mica Viciconte announced that she is going to be a mother in “MasterChef Celebrity 3”. The participant was very excited and received the congratulations of all her colleagues present.

Hours after the announcement, Nicole Neumann decided to make a striking post on her social networks. The girlfriend and ex-wife of Fabian Cubero They do not get along very well, so the model decided to give her version through her Instagram and not congratulate her.

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“Thank you for what I am, thank you for everything in my life, thanks for everything that left, thanks for the new opportunities, thanks for my health, thanks for every experience. Thank you thank you thank you”, shared the girlfriend of Manu Urcera.

For its part, the contestant of “MasterChef Celebrity 3” shared the reaction of everyone in their family when they found out that the couple’s first child was on the way.

Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero are very happy with the news.

The daughters of the model and the former soccer player were very excited about the arrival of their new little brother. In addition, Viciconte gave details of what it will be called and said that they opted for “Luca.”

Nicole Neumann's post.

Nicole Neumann’s post.

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