The story of the woman who was jailed after creating 30 fake profiles to incriminate her ex-boyfriend

In the social networks we find countless unusual cases. However, a viral story very particular is attracting the attention of thousands of users. A woman from United Kingdom ended up incarcerated, after creating fake profiles on Instagram to frame her ex-boyfriend for harassment.

After creating up to 30 ‘fakes’ accounts, Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth, 20 years old, he denounced his ex-partner, Louis Jolly, of course threaten to stab her. In addition, the young woman told the police authorities that the 22-year-old man I was harassing her.

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Faced with this situation, the Police arrested Louis. After spending 81 hours in custody, they accused the boy of assault and gave him “A stalking protection order with a curfew at home”, which included an electronic tag. To make matters worse, Jolly lost her job.

Courtney presented to the police false evidence of alleged messages sent by her ex-boyfriend Louis. (Reference image: PIxabay)

Woman was jailed after creating fake profiles

During the investigation, the authorities received data from Facebook and they immediately realized that at least 17 Instagram profiles were created “With two of Ireland-Ainsworth’s email addresses and IP addresses connected to your home and mobile phone”, As reported .

Upon being arrested and interviewed on December 12, 2020, Courtney confessed her crimes, for which the Prosecutor’s Office suspended all accusations against Louis Jolly.

“She tried to minimize during that interview what she had done. Eventually he admitted it. She said that her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Jolly, was bothering her, but in order for the police to believe it, he sent false messages to the police to take him seriously ”, argued prosecutor Paul Blasbery.

The woman’s posture

Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth’s attorney, Jim Smith, stated that his client, who was 19 at the time, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. “She would have handled that breakup [en la relación] substantially differently from anyone else who did not suffer from a mental disorder ”, commented.

The ex-boyfriend broke the silence

Jolly explained that they were together for two years, but parted ways in “good terms” in October 2019, before Ireland-Ainsworth started dating a new boyfriend, a man named Declan Rice.

“I lost weight as a result of this. It was affecting my sleep, I couldn’t relax. I have had panic attacks. I found that he was agitated and nervous, especially at night, and if someone knocked on the front door. At my lowest point I felt that life was not worth living and I thought that I would be better off dead ”, assured Louis Jolly before the court.

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