The story of the man who makes more than $ 180,000 a year doing nothing

It can generate thousands of dollars without doing anything? It seems like an impossible thing, but Cam McLellan has shown it convincingly. This is a 46-year-old Australian who managed to retire a decade ago after finding a way to support his economy without depending on a formal employment. It currently generates AU $ 250,000 annually, or more than US $ 180,000 per year.

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When he was 20 years old, his goal was to accumulate enough wealth so that he never had to go back to work. For this reason, he invested in properties that allowed him to generate a good amount of money.

Earning his first $ 250,000 through rent, he decided to end his working life and live off the profits from his real estate investment company. OpenCorp.

In conversation with the local media McLellan explained that from a young age he knew that he did not want to reach old age and continue working. And it is that he came to see how his parents were ruined as a result of a failed business. “I did not want my children to go through that”, He said.

The key: talk to “rich people”

It was precisely at the age of 16 that the man realized that he was “poor”, so he moved to Melbourne to complete his studies while he had several jobs that allowed him to cover the basic needs of the home.

“I had three to four jobs, everything from handling forklifts to stacking shelves in supermarkets, I just did it to survive.”, he assured.

Unhappy with his routine, he began to ponder what he could do with his money to change this way of life.

“My driving force for investing was that I hated my alarm clock, I didn’t want to keep working for 50 years”, he pointed.

Not knowing what to do, he began “to talk to rich people.” It was one of these people who became his mentor and taught him how to buy his first property.. After that, the young McLellan ended up creating his own real estate agency.

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Over time, the real estate company managed to stand out and position itself to the point where The earnings produced allowed the 36-year-old to stop working, but he still continued to make money. Now Cam McLellan is dedicated to spending time with his children and family, his employees take care of the administration of the company and all he has to do is keep track of the profits..

In addition to sharing his teachings through lectures, he wrote some books so that, like him, others can achieve financial success at an early age.

“Buy with the head, not with the heart”

Their recommendations include “Buy with the head and not with the heart”. He also recommends that investment properties be in different locations. As he explains, it has its properties distributed among the cities of “Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.” On the contrary, he refuses to buy houses in regional places. “You have to buy in the capitals”, he underlines.

“As a new parent, if something happens to me, the only thing that no one can teach my children is my knowledge of investing.”said the investor, whose children have a property valued at more than $ 500,000.

On the other hand, he is aware that, when investing, there are fears or people with fear of losing everything; however, it is important to be positive and think big. “Getting started on your wealth-building journey can sometimes be overwhelming, but we all have to start somewhere!”he says in one of his writings.

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