The story of the hungry couple who were stranded for 37 hours in the snow and managed to get the company to give them bread

Be driving on a highway U.S January can turn into a total nightmare, as the snow It is a great impediment to continue with the journey, but it can also become a great opportunity to revolutionize social networks. This is the story of Casey Holihan and her husband, John Noe, who were stranded in Virginia for more than 37 hours. As time went by, they began to need food and she came up with a great idea: What would happen if we called the bread distribution company whose truck is in front of us? It was there that the magic happened and all the hungry transporters and affected families were also winners. Here the details of what happened.

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The Maryland couple experienced a tense moment on Interstate 95 in Virginia when they were stopped in the cold, with no food, water, or a bathroom nearby. Behind them a long line of vehicles full of parents with children or workers went through the same situation.

The winning call for some bread

When hunger and despair began to take hold of them, Casey Holihan had a great idea seeing a Schmidt Baking Company truck a few cars ahead of them.

“We were starving. The people around us were also struggling a lot. We could hear the children crying. “said the 23-year-old to the .

It had already been 37 hours and it was then that Casey Holihan plucked up her courage and called the company in Baltimore hoping that its owners or manager would be willing to offer any product from the truck to affected travelers.

Casey Holihan and her husband, John Noe, got bread for all those affected thanks to the Schmidt Baking Company, whose truck was also stranded. (Photo: Casey Holihan Noe / Facebook)

The answer with free bread for all

Both the couple and the others affected not only had to fight against the cold inside their cars, but also with the desperation of not having some food. “I didn’t think it would really work.”said Holihan, who left a message for customer service.

After about 20 minutes, Chuck Paterakis, one of the owners of the Schmidt Baking Company, called him back and asked him to pass the truck driver. The protagonist of the story did not hesitate for a second and got out of the car to look for him. Ron Hill was instructed by phone to give bread to anyone who needed it, and the food was distributed to all the stranded cars.

“It was an easy decision”Paterakis told the outlet, explaining that if he had gotten stuck on I-95 like that, “I would like someone to offer their products”.

Casey Holihan and her husband, John Noe, who were heading to North Carolina to visit his family, never thought of becoming the protagonist of this story that since January 6 has been surprising everyone in the United States. The couple not only managed to get them some bread, but also supported the driver in the delivery of 300 products in the long line of cars stopped by the snow.

“We started going door to door and were able to help a lot of people (…) Some people said this was a saving grace for them”Holihan told the newspaper.

The story with a happy ending thanks to a call went viral after a TikTok video summed up the drama of “a couple who had not eaten anything in 37 hours.” She also thanked the Schmidt Baking Company in her of Facebook for his “humanity and compassion”


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