The story of “padre picaro”, the priest who learned Spanish and took over TikTok

In the social networks, especially TikTok, the viral videos of Adam Kotas, a Polish father who learned to speak Spanish and migrated to MexicoThey are telling the time by their ingenious way of carrying the word of God. The friendly priest uses an entertaining lexicon for his thousands of followers and this is his unique history.

Adam Kotas was born in Poland on November 15, 1984 and from a young age began the journey to join the Catholic Church. Years passed and he decided to move to the Aztec country, where he perfected his Spanish and adopted an original style to narrate things. Even their religious celebrations look like stand-up shows.

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“Father in what way am I going to confess with you? You are so tender and innocent “, he indicates in one of his recordings and responds” if they knew what I have to listen to, people tell me everything … with details and not poor people, poor people “Kotas notes.

Along these lines, the Polish father asks his faithful believers not to tell him details but to be more direct when they go to confession. “What does it matter to me! I don’t need to know how it happened or with whom it happened, I just need to know what happened., he comments.

Padre Adam Kotas in TikTok

The funny videos of priest Kotas are shared through the TikTok profile @ amy262116. In his publications you can read all kinds of messages: some netizens support him and hope to attend one of his masses, while others claim to draw their attention to his way of preaching the word of God despite being atheists.

Father Adam Kotas live

Through his own Facebook and YouTube account, Adam Kotas broadcasts his religious events live and direct. Also, promote any ad about the Catholic Church.

Father Adam Kotas leaves the Catholic Church

The Diocese of Santa Rosa in California, where Father Adam Kotas was ordained a priest, announced his departure from the Catholic Church to join the “Catholic Church of Poland.” According to the official statement, the Church became aware of the video in which the Pole affirms that “he has joined the Polish National Catholic Church and has incardinated with them.”

Faced with this situation, the Diocese of Santa Rosa warns that “the Roman Catholic Church is not in communion with the Polish National Catholic Church that was founded at the end of the 19th century in the United States of America.” Therefore, he clarifies that “Adam Kotas is prohibited from performing any sacrament or any other ministry on behalf of the Catholic Church.”

Regarding the National Catholic Church Poláca

According to Archdiocese of Chicago, a particular church of the Catholic Church in the United States and one of the largest dioceses in that nation whose jurisdiction is composed of Cook and Lake counties, covering an area of ​​3,650 km² of Illinois, more than a century ago disputes not about beliefs, but about the way the Roman Catholic Church was governed led a group of dissatisfied Roman Catholics to distance themselves and found the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC).

“The effects of this division are still felt today in families and in communities, especially where PNCC has established parishes. Due to this division, the Polish National Catholic Church is not in ‘complete communion’ with the Roman Catholic Church. This means that, although the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist – when celebrated in the PNCC – are valid, it is not lawful (not legal according to the Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church) for Roman Catholics to receive them. Doing so reinforces our divisions “, they emphasize.

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How do I know if a parish is part of the Polish National Catholic Church?

The Archdiocese of Chicago recommends that when in doubt, it is best to ask the pastor of the parish in question if Cardinal Blase Joseph Cupich is its archbishop. If not, then the parish is not Roman Catholic.

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