The story of Albert, the boy who went viral for laughing and crying at the same time

Albert Ofosu Nketia is a 7-year-old boy from Ghana who has become viral on social networks like TikTok and Youtube for a strange ability that has earned him the reaction of millions around the world: crying and laughing at the same time, so today you will know the true history this little boy, his family and how the idea of ​​recording the video that went around the planet came about.

our protagonist lives Kumasi and it was his mother Rosinawho explained to oyerepa how the famous clip was recorded, since the little one was crying on a Saturday afternoon because he wanted to be prepared a meal that he really likes.

Seeing that her tears did not stop, his grandmother approached him with the intention of calming him downfor which he put a “funny song” who immediately took it out viral laugh that we have all seen.

Watch the viral video here

He wanted his favorite food dish

He said he wanted to eat yam. She was doing the laundry at the time and had nothing at home, so he didn’t know whether to stop and go to the market to buy something. But, I remembered that I had a green plantain at home at the time, so I cooked it for him.”said Rosina.

But, something went wrong in the eyes of Albert: “when he saw the stew and remembered how well it would have gone with boiled yam instead of plantain, he began to cry… at first, we persuaded him to eat it and when he did his grandmother asked him, ‘so, you ate that banana’ and he started crying again. In an effort to get her to stop crying, Nana began to sing a popular song to him and then the laughter ensued until it stopped..

Annoyed by sharing the viral video on networks

Rosinawho recorded the funny moment, confesses that they did not have the slightest intention of making the video public, but everything got out of control when a neighbor leaked it: “The first day I saw the video I didn’t know what to do and if I had discovered the person who leaked it, I would have turned it into a police case.because it was an intimate video of the family ”.

However, something happened for the video to be made viral all over the world: “His uncle couldn’t send the video to his father, but then he sold the phone and the person who bought it had access to the video, his friend transferred them and released him… when that man met me, he greeted me, I didn’t even answer him because I felt like he was able to tell me about it.”.

the annoyance of Rosina It happens because although your child is not a special child, he has certain conditions that made him such, given that born at 7 monthsbeing in an incubator until they are 9 months old.

“When it started to grow, I realized it was a condition, but through physical therapy and other treatments, started walking at 3 years old. Now he is at school, in KG 1. When he comes home from school I help him do his homeworksentenced.

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