The story of Adalia Rose, the influencer who died at the age of 15 from the strange progeria syndrome

Last Wednesday, January 12, in U.S, Adalia Rose, a renowned influencer of YouTube, due to the Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome at the age of 15, a disease that affects only 500 children worldwide, which gives an aged appearance to those who suffer from it, to the point that this disease has also been baptized like the disease “Benjamin Button”.

Farewell from the family to Adalia Rose

In Facebook, the young woman’s family announced the teenager’s departure with a meaningful message, where, among other things, they emphasize that her history, from the beginning, touched millions of people around the world.

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“(The) January 12, 2022, at 7 p.m., Adalia Rose Williams was released from this world. He entered her silently and left silently, but his life was far from that. She touched millions of people and left the biggest mark on everyone who knew her. She no longer feels pain and now she dances to all the music she loves.”Thus the text begins.

Adalia’s family gives her the last goodbye on social networks after confirming her death. (Photo: Adalia Rose/Facebook)

“I really wish this wasn’t our reality, but unfortunately it is. We want to thank everyone who loved and supported her. Thanks to all her doctors and nurses who worked for years to keep her healthy. The family would like to mourn this great loss in private.”, states the publication.

The difficult path of Adalia and Natalia, her mother

Adalia Rose born in Austin, Texas, and from birth she was diagnosed with the most severe phase of progeria, the Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome, product of a strange genetic condition that produces the accelerated aging of the organs, tissues of the person, giving it an aged appearance that does not match the real age of the patient.

the young woman’s mother, Natalia Pallante, told The Sun that when the little girl was 4 weeks the doctors noticed that something was wrong with the way his growth was taking place. It was noted that the skin of the stomach was different from normal, in addition that this organ was tense.

Two months later, the specialists assured that Adalia He suffered from this strange ailment: “It was just her and me. Honestly, I felt lost.”he declared.

With the passing of time, while the little girl got older, Natalia he saw how his daughter began to hair fall, with the veins that protruded more than they should, in addition to presenting a abnormal weight loss.

social media stars

It was in 2012 when Pallante decided to open a channel YouTube, whose goal was just to have fun with her daughter as a kind of therapy for both of them, but it never crossed her mind that they would shock this social network almost immediately.

Soon the little Adalia she managed to win the hearts of people of all ages because of how outgoing she was, for showing a strong personality despite the adversity caused by her illness; which earned him to have, until his last day, a mass of followers close to 3 million, whose videos accumulate figures higher than those 70 million views.

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In the first recordings, the girl could be seen dancing, singing, playing with Brian, his stepfather, as well as being the star of beauty tutorials. “A diva, because she always gets what she wants”her mother assured.

The last video of Adalia Rose in YouTube dates from the past November 28, 2021 when he meets “Baby Luka”, a fairly realistic toy baby which was a gift for the teenager, where she was more than excited by this detail from her parents.

In Facebook, was somewhat more active, where the January the 8th It was the post prior to the announcement of his sad departure.

What is Progeria?

Also known as Down syndrome Hutchinson-GilfordIt is a disease caused by a “progressive genetic abnormality” that accelerates skin aging, as of the fabrics Y organs of the human body.

This evil has no cure, being infrequent, the same one that usually appears, in general, after 2 years, before which the baby does not present any type of symptom of concern.

Science has come to determine that this disease is caused by the gen LMNA, mutation that mainly affects lamin A protein, causing cells to become destabilized, leading to the aforementioned aging.

After the baby’s first year of life, it is when the growth process begins to show delays, but it is also true that the intelligence shows no affection. Also, science asserts that progeria is not hereditary.

The symptom most frequent of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome they are usually: height and weight below normal, thin lips, smaller lower jaw, aquiline nose, very large head compared to the face, hair loss, skin spots, high-pitched voice, brittle bones, development of cardiovascular diseases , teeth take a long time to develop, stiff joints.

Although there is no treatment to reverse or prevent the progression of the disease, there are measures to take into account What: good nutrition that includes caloric foods, prescribe a low dose of “aspirin” to prevent heart attacks, a lot of physiotherapy, exhaustive dental care.

According to studies, the average life of patients with this disease does not exceed 20 years, even if the average is between 13, where the main causes of death are usually strokes The myocardial infarction.

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