The story of a mother who was charged $ 50,000 by a hospital to give birth

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On USA, a woman who gave birth proposed the health system in that country as a topic of debate, after a hospital charged her more than 50 thousand dollars. Shannon’s tale became viral on TikTok and here we give you all the details.

Last year, Shannon Mayor She wanted to start a new business, but discovered at that moment that she was pregnant. In this way, she and her husband looked for insurance to be prepared.

Insurance is complicated. It is not easy to understand in this country “he said in an interview with Insider.

After a few weeks of giving birth, she received a hospital bill for $ 50,816. Incredulous, the woman decided to post a video on TikTok captioned “I didn’t expect the total to be that high”To propose the health system in the United States as a topic for debate.


Shannon didn’t have to pay the hefty sum, as her insurance covered the highest percentage and she paid out $ 250. However, he reflected on the issue and criticized the health system in the United States.

When you think of the average person, who has $ 50,000 sitting down to have a baby? That’s like a down payment on a house in some places. “he told Insider.

Many people are not so lucky in this country (USA) to have really good insurance like the one I had, and without it, the possibility of having my baby would have cost much more ”. Not many people have access to that type of insurance”He added.

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The video surpassed 8 million views on TikTok and users of the social network discussed the health system in the North American country.

You shouldn’t even have to pay $ 250. America is a joke”Wrote one user.

Mine was 300,000 after a month in the NICU. I just threw out the bill. Who am I, Bill Gates?! ”Commented another.

Users from other countries were surprised by Shannon’s publication. “In Singapore they pay you to give birth,” wrote a user from that country. “That?! Here in the Philippines it only costs about $ 5-20. Why do they charge that? Do they give you air? ”Commented another.

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