The story behind the emotional gift that a disabled mother gave her son

Millions of people have been delighted with the history that has as protagonists a son, Antonio, and a mother, Lola, who became trend in social networks What Twitter What happened? The subject shared on the aforementioned platform the letter that his mother gave him, who suffers from a disability in one of her hands, which she did with great effort.

Mom’s tender message

Antonio He was more than excited by this detail that his mother made him, which he considers an achievement, taking into account the condition that affects her. In its post He describes it as follows.

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“It is ugly to show off, but my mother, secretly, has given me a card on which she has been able to write her name and mine (twice). With a 90 percent disability I think I have won the best gift, wrote.

Antonio’s post showing his mother’s gift. (Photo: Antonio / Twitter)

In that sense, what the man shows us is the image of a letter envelope that bears the name of his son, when we open it, we realize that the names of “Lola” Y “Antonio” where, clearly, they were made in a shaky way, an unequivocal reflection of the affliction that the mother of Antonio.

The great effort for the tender letter

In fact, in a later post, the subject shows an image in which you can see her mother’s hand, where her fingers are stained from the ink she used to write the short, but very heartfelt letter to your son.

“It has cost”he says briefly Antonio to show that this, which for the vast majority of people could be considered even something mechanical, for her was all a gesture of love, but also a intense struggle to overcome the disease he suffers, and with which he deals every day.

For the lady, who suffers from a handicap, it was very difficult to write the names of both of them.  (Photo: Antonio / Twitter)
For the lady, who suffers from a handicap, it was very difficult to write the names of both of them. (Photo: Antonio / Twitter)

Shocked users

The photo did not take long to go viral and with it attracted thousands of comments from users of Twitter, who were moved by this story.

What a great gift! Bravo for your mother “, “That is a future tattoo. What a gift you have made yourself “, “Definitely the best gift I could give you”, “It shows off a lot about her. She is the best gift “, “I love her very much and I don’t know her”, “What a wonderful gift”.

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