The story behind the embrace between a seal and a diver at the bottom of the sea

Ben Burnville is an experienced amateur diver who, for years, has shared his marine adventures on various social networks What YouTube, but recently it has become trend on various platforms the video where he receives the hug of a gray seal in the Farne Islands, located in the North Sea of ​​the United Kingdom and today we will know the true history behind this tender reaction.

A video with millions of views

In FacebookFor example, the footage was shared in the past September 9, 2021 (getting an average of 11 million views), but we know that its original post was in YouTube the August 12, 2018.

The images take place in the islas Farne, a 10 meters deep, where you can see Burnville (who works as a doctor in that town) interacting with this marine animal. It is worth noting that Ben regularly dives in this area.

Seal hugs diver and goes viral on social media

Once the seal gives him a tender hugMan can be seen to reciprocate this action of affection by lovingly scratching the back of the sea beast.

Friend of seals

And is that Burnville has revealed that he has 17 years of experience entering the depths of the sea, with which he has developed an important experience recording on video recording gray seals, for which he believes that he has forged “friendship” with them, which is reflected when we learn that the doctor has a great passion for marine life.

At the time, he told Chronicle Live: They taught me how to dive and how to behave underwater (…) I hadn’t seen that seal before (the one in the video). I rarely see the same seal. They all have individual personalities and behave in a certain way. “.

Respond to viral video reviews

In fact, not a few have harshly criticized him for getting so close to these animals, for which he has responded to his detractors: “I respect those opinions, but, please, I would like you to take into account that no one in the world has spent time underwater with gray seals than I have and that this puts me in a very fortunate and knowledgeable position to know how much can be done. or not interact. In this case, the contact was initiated by the seal “.

More confidence than in a house pet

In fact, it goes further by ensuring that has more confidence in these animals than any domestic: “I would trust any of her than any house dog. For the last 18 years they have taught me to dive with them at any time of the year and they have given me a lot in life. I have a lot of respect for these beautiful marine mammals that I am pleased to call ‘dive buddies’.

Seals and human infections

And he ends up giving advice regarding gray seals: “I would like to advise divers not to touch marine life. In the case of gray seals, for example, they have a few bacteria in the mouth that can cause serious infections.

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