The story behind ‘Legendaddy’, Daddy Yankee’s latest album

Considered for many years as the ‘Father of reggaeton’, daddy yankee singer He had the whole world dancing long before the 2000s with his catchy, upbeat songs. For this 2022 the urban artist announced his retirement from the stage and does so with the launch of his latest album titled ‘Legendaddy‘.

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Few know the story behind the record’Legendaddy‘ which is the seventh of his artistic career and which marks the triumphant farewell of daddy yankee of the stages after more than two decades of dedicating himself to reggaeton, a genre with which he was able to conquer many countries.

This album contains 19 songs, among which “Rumbatón”, “Zona del perreo”, “Bloke”, “Bombón”, among others. This new record production was released on the market on March 30, 2022 worldwide.

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Daddy Yankee is a reggaeton singer born in Puerto Rico (Photo: Daddy Yankee/Facebook)

It should be noted that ‘Legendaddy‘ has the collaboration of important representatives of the urban genre such as Bad Bunny, Myke Towers, Becky G, Natti Natasha, Pitbull, among others.

Sales of the album have been growing over the weeks due to the fact that many fans of daddy yankee they want to hear his latest songs before the artist says goodbye to music.


The disc ‘Legendaddy‘ is characterized by having a great mix of sounds and various instruments that make their songs the best of daddy yankee. However, many have wondered what the story behind the album is.”Legendaddy”. Here we tell you.

This great question also has an answer and it was the daddy yankee who revealed the mystery. It turns out that the artist gave an interview to the YouTube channel “MoluscoTV” where he explained the origin of ‘Legendaddy‘. ().

Legendaddy album cover by Daddy Yankee (Photo: Daddy Yankee)
Legendaddy album cover by Daddy Yankee (Photo: Daddy Yankee)

(The name) I had glimpsed it for a long time. He was at home and (Rafael Antonio) Pina called and I told him I have the name for the museum, the museum is going to be called ‘Legendaddy’”, he indicated.

He explained that to the English word ‘Legend‘ the phrase ‘ is addeddaddy‘ and conforms ‘Legendaddy‘. He also commented that the famous producer Rafael Pineda told him that should be the name for his new album.

But the idea was born after the singer -as he confessed- was watching a movie and the word came out legendary films and it was there that he began to play and combine words.

Wait, let me join this name with mine, let me create that brand and that’s how it came out. It was something very creative, the pronunciation is like in English but when you see the name you see ‘legend’ and my name ‘Legendaddy’”, expressed Daddy Yankee.

Singer Daddy Yankee announced that he will retire from music (Photo: Daddy Yankee/Facebook)
Singer Daddy Yankee announced that he will retire from music (Photo: Daddy Yankee/Facebook)


Although the news was his retirement, today the spotlight is on his new album and on the particular goat image he used for the cover of ‘Legendaddy‘. Said animal has some marks on its face, which at first many users related to something satanic.

However, what can actually be read is the acronym GOAT (“greatest of all times”), which in Spanish means “The best of all time”, the name by which the Puerto Rican has called himself in the last stage of his career.

It is necessary to mention that “GOAT” in English is “Goat” and that, for years, the Puerto Rican has called himself “El cangri”, “The Big Boss”, “The maximum leader” and “The best of all time” , being precisely this last phrase that he has used for his latest album.

Those who also use this acronym are Lionel Messi and Cristiana Ronaldo. Precisely the latter, on some occasion, has celebrated his goals by touching his chin, hinting that he would be a goat.

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Melvin, brother of Daddy Yankee, is a Christian urban music singer because he is very religious, which he learned from the reggaeton player because he took him to a church for the first time when he was young, as revealed by himself in an interview for .

In that conversation, he praised Ramón Ayala and had no problem stating that he is his example to follow, not only for everything he has achieved, but since they were both very young, since they have grown up together and were inseparable.

“I was with him 24 hours. We slept in the same room, we are more contemporary, basically if he wore tennis shoes in one color I wanted them in the same color. If he played baseball, so would I, even if he was bad. For me, my brother was that role model in what life is and musically he has been a source of inspiration for me “he indicated.

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