THE STEPMOM | Marcia sends an invitation to Esteban and all his partners

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Florencia is very hurt because Esteban is getting married and threatened to tell his children that Marcia was convicted of murdering Nicolás, her lover.

But that’s not all, because he told him that surely he was the murderer and he reacted by telling him that that didn’t make sense. Also, she told him that she would keep quiet as long as she ends her relationship with Paula.

Florencia tells Omar the truth

Florencia went to Omar’s office and told him that they have been deceiving him, since his father Nicolás did not die the way they have led him to believe.

He reacted impressed and worried, but at that moment Esteban came in and told him to keep quiet, that he would take care of telling him how his father died.

Esteban tells part of the truth to Omar

Esteban had no choice but to tell him that his father did not die of a heart attack, but that he was murdered, he told him that it was a woman and that he was already paying his sentence; he insisted on knowing who that woman was but he told her to leave it there.

After learning the truth, Omar became very ill and went to visit his parents at the cemetery.

Marcia wants to see her children

Marcia asked Father José to help her see her children, since she will start a plan to get them back.

In addition, he told her to go to a beauty salon so she could get ready.

Lucrecia offers Paula money

Lucrecia went to demand that Paula leave her brother Esteban, she asked her how much money she wanted and she replied that 50 million; She replied that she wasn’t worth it and to check her accounts and let her know.

Paula’s aunt, Emilia, recommended that she leave the city, to make a show of being affected by Lucrecia’s proposal.

Emily talks to Esteban

Emilio asked Esteban to meet, there he told him that his sister offered Paula money to leave him and that she doesn’t feel safe now to marry him, and that’s why she left.

He got upset and worried at the same time, and asked her to give him the address to go look for her.

Marcia sees Omar and faints.

Father José went to Esteban’s office to take Marcia so that she could see her children. When he left her for a moment, Omar, Nicolás’s son, appeared and introduced himself to her and when she saw him and knew who he was, passed out

After waking up, the Father took her away and Omar was a bit puzzled.

Esteban complains to Lucrecia

Esteban confronted his sister and claimed her for having offered Paula money to get away from him; he told her that whatever she does he will marry her anyway.

Esteban asks Paula to come back

Esteban went to look for Paula where she had gone because of what happened with Lucrecia, he begged her to forget what her sister did and that he wants to be with her.

Meanwhile, Esteban’s children talked and agreed to reject their father’s commitment to Paula.

Marcia carries out her plan

Marcia sent an invitation to Esteban and all his partners, to meet at a hotel; everyone attended wondering the reason for the event with great curiosity, without imagining that Marcía herself returned.

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