THE STEPMOM | Marcia returns to Mexico

Marilyn Eyebrows

Lucrecia went to visit Paula’s store, with the intention of meeting her and after that, she confronted her and assured her that she would not allow her to be with her brother.

He demanded that she leave Esteban and end that relationship.

Marcia begins to connect the dots

Marcia began to remember every detail of what happened the night of Nicolás’s murder, with the help of her lawyer, in the same hotel where everything happened.

Florencia complains to Esteban

Florencia got upset and went to Esteban’s office, after she found out that he is going to marry Paula.

Esteban told her that he had decided to rebuild his life but she got very upset and ended up confessing that she has always been in love with him.

After listening to her and getting annoyed by her attitude, Esteban fired her.

Bruno listens to Florence

Bruno listened when Florencia declared her love for Esteban and then complained to her, but she admitted it and told him that they don’t love each other anyway.

Marcia contacts one of the witnesses

Marcia managed to contact one of the witnesses on the day of Nicolás’s murder, but unfortunately the man is admitted to a psychiatric center and he couldn’t help her.

Esteban confronts his sister

Esteban complained to his sister Lucrecia for going to threaten his girlfriend Paula and assured her that even if she does not agree with their relationship, she will organize a party to announce their engagement.

Marcia goes to Mexico

Marcia said goodbye to her lawyer in Spain and went to Mexico, determined to clear her name and get her children back.

Marcia appears before Father José

Marcia went directly to the parish of Father José, who was praying at the time, hugged her and told her that this was a miracle.

She told him that she sent him several letters but he assured her that he did not receive any. She told him that she came back to clear her name and do justice.

The father supported her and told her that Esteban lied to his children, telling them that she was dead and that they also used the image of another woman to venerate her.

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