THE STEPMOM | Marcia is convicted of murdering Nicolás

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Marcia and Esteban prepared everything to leave their two children in the care of nothing, while they traveled to Spain to seal an important deal for the company.

Their friends and associates traveled with them, including Nicolás, a close friend of Esteban’s, who handles the company’s numbers.

Something happens

Nicolás arrived with an attitude of concern and told Esteban that before the important meeting they were having with top executives, he would prepare a financial report.

It turns out that when he was reviewing he noticed a million dollar amount missing, so he got too worried; His wife Rebeca came to the hotel room, saw him and asked him if he had another woman.

He got up from the table annoyed and asked her to stop thinking about it; she has seen it strange but she does not imagine that it is because of the missing money.

Nicholas about to speak

Nicolás could not tell Esteban the truth, he was about to do so when the investors arrived and they had to start the presentation.

After that, they managed to seal the business and celebrated.

Florencia tells Marcia to change her clothes.

After seeing Marcia in a tight white dress, Esteban got upset and covered her with a black coat; And it turns out that Florencia was the one who lent it to her, because she assured her that she did not look good in the dress that she had put on.

After that, Esteban gathered everyone together and toasted the achievement.

Emily is hiding something

Emilia was writing a message to someone, where she told him that she couldn’t take it anymore, that she was going to say it if that person didn’t.

Before sending the message, he accidentally deleted it and ran off; Marcia found her in the hallway but she couldn’t stop her to find out what was wrong with her.

Nicolas contacts Marcia

Nicolás went to his room and sent a message to Marcia, where he told her that he needed to talk to her before shooting himself; she got scared and ran to her room, but in that she heard a shot and found it on the floor.

There she asked him who it had been and in that he received a blow to the head with a weapon, when he woke up, he was next to Nicolás covered in blood and with the weapon in his hand.

The police take Marcia away

The authorities took Marcia prisoner, after finding her near Nicolás covered in blood and with a weapon in her hand.

Despite his statement, no one believed him and everyone began to tell Esteban that Marcia and Nicolás were lovers and then; he began to doubt her innocence and left her alone.

They condemn Marcia

Marcia’s and Nicolás’s mobiles disappeared, so for that and for how the events happened, she was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

At the trial, Esteban’s supposed friends and associates assured that she was Nicolás’s lover and that is why she killed him.

Esteban left her alone, told her to forget about her children and her sister saw to it that her children grew up seeing a photo of a fictitious woman, who is not their mother.

Marcia is transferred to another prison

They transferred Marcia to a distant prison that nobody knows about, the priest who has known her since she was little looked for her everywhere but could not find her.

20 years pass

20 years passed and Marcia’s children grew up with the idea of ​​their deceased mother.

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