The stay at the Belgian coast ends with a very bad surprise: “We received two fines of 30 euros even though we had paid”

Noor received a parking fine after driving to Middelkerke on the weekend of May 21, despite paying the parking fee correctly. For the two days spent at the Belgian coast, the Flemish paid a total of 17.33 euros.

However, she made a small mistake by entering her license plate when paying by SMS: ” She wrote TDC instead of TCD “, explains Bart, her husband, to Belang Van Limburg. ” We received two fines of 30 euros from Optimal Parking Control (OPC)! It’s worrying, if we hadn’t paid, we would understand. But pay a fine for a little distraction
? “, he protests.

The couple contacted the municipality of Middelkerke as well as the OPC and succeeded in having one of the fines cancelled: ” It was possible to prove that the payment had been made “. Contacted by our colleagues from Belang Van Limburg, Optimal Parking Control believes that the error should not have been made twice but still considers having the second fine canceled: “ But we ask them that in the future, they check that the correct license plate is entered. After all, there are limits to indulgence “, they said.

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