The state funeral of David Sassoli. The wife: “It will be very hard, but in recent years you have shown us that nothing is impossible”

“He said it’s social knock down a wall, because behind there’s a world. Which is social welcome a migrant, because behind him there is one community“. David Sassoli’s funeral is celebrated in the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome. Here, hundreds of people followed David Sassoli’s state funeral in front of a large screen. With these words, read by the journalist Elisa anzaldo, the colleagues of Tg1 recall: “You have broken through rubber walls with the tenacity of your kindness, with the ostentation of the respect you had for others, with the exhaustion of dialogue, the strength of prudence and the disruption of your meekness. “Leave us a stubborn lesson in optimism”. With a voice broken by emotion, Anzaldo recalled when “he arrived out of breath in the studio” shortly before the start of the Tg, the “cursed addiction to smoking“, His reluctance in front of social networks:” He said, ‘but I’m here, let’s talk’. “A wave of affection overwhelmed us on Tg1 – he said – and made us remember many moments: if at the canteen the beginning of a political discussion didn’t stop you anymore, you started from De Gasperi, for conclude that something common had to be done. And you did it. You said, other people’s problem is my problem,indifference is not an option, all the teachings of Don Milani that you had breathed at home and told us “.

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Son Giulio, next to his sister Livia, thanked him recalling his recommendation: “Thanks Dad, good road and, please, judgment “. And he continued: “In addition to good morning and good evening, you always exclaimed ‘hurray’, as if even just meeting together were already a victory” and he recalled “the dignity of those who have never had their illness weighed down, neither now nor years ago. In a world of excuses, you used to say ‘Yes, but I have something to do with it ”. You taught us that fame and popularity only make sense if you can do useful things ”. And then again “passion and love”, are the words of your teaching pronounced until the end. The daughter Livia then read the last message delivered by David Sassoli before Christmas. “It will be hard, very hard, but in recent years you have shown us that nothing is impossible”, so his wife Alessandra Vittorini. “It’s too early, for the many things we still had to say to each other, for the future we were planning for the two of us and our boys. We will tell you those things again, we will think about the projects and we will imagine the future. We will walk certain of your presence, which will still accompany us but in another way, more dense and profound. The emptiness produced by a leak can turn into full “.

“Many considered him one of us for that air devoid of arrogance, full of empathy, a bit for everyone, a classmate that everyone would like. Serene believer, without avoiding doubts. The leaders of the white rose were for him the morning stars of Europe, our history, he said, is written in their desire for freedom. He was full of respect and grace, like his character. His serene face accompanied the national news with elegance. Seeing the love around David I understand more clearly that joy comes from what you give to others. I believe that we all carry a smile about Davide in our hearts. Someone said they have never seen anyone angry with him ”. The cardinal said so Matteo Zuppi, archbishop of Bologna.

The EU institutions were present at the state funeral, represented by the interim President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola, the President of the European Council Charles Michel, the President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen, leaders of political groups and senior officials of the European Parliament. In addition to them also the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and the highest offices of Italian and European institutions. MEPs will honor his memory on Monday January 17 at the opening of the plenary session in Strasbourg, in the presence of the EU presidents, the former Italian Prime Minister and former MEP Enrico Letta and the French President Emmanuel Macron. Sassoli will be buried in the cemetery of Sutri, a medieval village in Tuscia where there is the house where the late president of the European Parliament often spent his free time with his family. A heartfelt applause choral accompanied the exit of the coffin from the Basilica, at the end of the funeral. Outside, while the coffin was loaded onto the funeral car, even those present in front of the basilica applauded. Then the silence.

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