The stars honored Borovec with his songs: Absolon stayed at home!

No wonder she regretted it. Borovec is the author of the libretto to Dracula. “I even played in Antoinette with his granddaughter Františka. Then we met while rehearsing the musical Cleopatra, which he unfortunately didn’t finish, “ Monika recalled. It was the Cleopatra hit that was supposed to be heard on the Broadway Theater stage. But the singer got a covid a week ago. She thanked the lyricists at least from home.

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“Singing his lyrics is a joy and an honor at the same time. Even after years, I will discover something that will grab my heart. For example, I sang Lorreine in Dracula differently at the age of twenty-one and differently at thirty, “ the singer added. In honor of Zdeněk Borovec, a number of singers performed, led by Daniel Hůlka (53), whom Dracula brought to the clouds in popularity. Michal David (61), who worked with Cleopatra, Marian Vojtko (48) and Leona Machálková (54), also came to sing. Borovec’s wife Dagmar (87), daughter Lucie (64) and grandchildren Matěj (38) and actress Anna (32) sat in the auditorium. František’s granddaughter (27) is a singer and she remembered her grandfather on stage. The recording of the concert will be given on February 26 at 9.15 pm by ČT1.

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He wrote great lyrics

“I was moved.” admitted to the daily Aha! widow Dagmar. “I realized how great the lyrics were written in Czech and with what understanding the performers sang them.” The memorial evening was initiated and helped by the daughter Lucie Borovec, who, like her dad, is a lyricist. The late genius lyricist wrote over a hundred song lyrics for Karel Gott († 80) alone.

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