The star performer of "You have the coco look"millionaire: Laroche Valmont reappears after a "sabbatical decade" !

There are song hits that can pay off big! Like the famous “Born to be alive” by Patrick Hernandez, released in 1978, which brings back to its author, composer, performer, publisher and producer, still today between 800 and 1500 euros per day gross, the singer Laroche Valmont also has a nugget in his drawers!

A fortune thanks to a tube!

This is the title “You have the coco look” which he spoke with Jordan de Luxe, this March 8, on C8. On the set of “At Jordan’s“, where financial confidences are legion, the singer revealed to the host: “I think it must have brought in with the concerts also 10 million francs. So it’s 1.5 even 1.6 million euros, I don’t know yes, that’s good.”

And what did he do with all that money? Laroche Valmont ensures “I have the principle of always spending either to reinvest or to live my life as well. There it served me above all to do my sabbatical decade around the world – Rio, Miami, Cuba, etc.”

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His stroke of genius is also to have declined “You have the coco look” for television. He remembers that Wednesday morning “Above all, it was the first top 50 hit in 1985 to be hijacked for an ad, it was you got the Peugeot look for a scooter. And then after there was Coco Frigo, and there was especially you have the coconut tube, for a tube of tomato sauce“.

About his retirement

A song that allows him to complete his retirement today, of 2500 euros per month, with Sacem rights. While the whole of France is punctuated by strikes to challenge the bill that the government is preparing on pension reform, Laroche Valmont wanted to share his opinion.

He who did not complain about his situation, at 74, felt that we were not talking “not enough of the arduousness of certain professions“. He took the case of night workers in particular before deploring: “it is accepted that one can work at night for 100 nights a year, without being compensated at all for the hardship, whereas it is really very serious for the mental health for the relations with the family“. Regarding these workers, and those in the building or in the factory, he assured: “It’s something that touches me a lot and I don’t find it normal that we have to go to a medical committee to say if we are fit or not.“.


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