The star of the ZOO series in the hospital: Filming has changed because of Brodská!

Last week, she had to go for drips because of the trouble she had admitted to the phone for a long time. Fortunately, even though Tereza is home again, the crew was forced to change the filming schedule. “I can confirm that Tereza Brodská has already been released to home care,” told the newspaper Aha! series spokesman Josef Ducký. “The filming days when she could not work are postponed to alternative dates. “ Ducký added.

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Sudden changes

It was a drama for everyone, because no one knew what was going to happen. “She was taken to the hospital and no one knew how long. Because of this, the filming of the series had to be rescheduled. On the other hand, when it comes to health, everyone was accommodating and, of course, they understood. “ said Aha! a source from the environment of television studios where the ZOO originates. However, the creators have a tangled head, because the delay in the work plan is associated with significant financial expenses. “Hundreds of thousands of costs have been added due to the need to expand filming,” the source continued. In addition, there is still a daily fear of possible infection with the dreaded omicron.

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What has bothered the actress already?

In 2005, Tereza’s plate operation also had back problems. She had to undergo spine surgery from day to day. The severely protruding plate was responsible for the fact that the actress was limping, had severe cramps and unbearable pain. In the end, she couldn’t even go to the square. In the Street series, she was temporarily represented by Veronika Žilková.

Torn ligaments

In 2018, Tereza wanted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her friend’s company, instead she was taken to hospital with a fracture and torn ligaments on her leg. She was in danger of surgery. She had to wear the orthosis for six weeks and was not allowed to strain her leg. “I stepped into a six-inch hole between the podium and the stairs, just screamed in pain. It was dark there and no one marked the place, “the actress said at the time. “When I got over it anyway, I developed chronic Achilles tendonitis,” she described.

It was filmed on Safari

The ZOO series was filmed in Safari in Dvůr Králové nad Labem during full operation. In addition to the actors, the visitors also played. The focus was on giraffes, but also Water and Bird World. In front of larger beasts, the actors had considerable respect.

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