The star of the fairy tale There are no jokes with devils: her career stopped …

It can’t be started except by remembering the fairy tale There are no jokes with devils. How do you like it after years?

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“Devils are no jokes is a fairy tale that has become, as you know, a Czech classic. To this day, people know me and show me that this fairy tale is the most beautiful for them. I also like to look at it with nostalgia at Christmas and I think it really worked out. “

Did it bring you other amazing roles?

“After filming Devils Are No Jokes, I played the lead role in the film Greenhouse Venus in the 1980s, and I was approached by director Ťapák. A year later, a smaller role in the film Laughter Sticks to My Heels, I played one of the main roles in the film The Sea Begins for Mr. Růžička’s village, also in the film The Silent Companion, and I was also approached by a German production. Thanks to her, I starred in Kaspar Hauser in ’93. ”

What about the series? We do live in a serial time.

“That is a fact. In the 1980s, I shot one of the main roles in the trilogy My Heart of Seven, directed by Ludvík Ráž. A year later, I played one of the main characters in The Famous Stories of Bandits. This was followed by the series The Natives by director Jiří Adamec and The Second Breath by director Hynek Bočan. So there was no shortage of offers and variety of roles. “

Princess Angelina Dana Bartůňková she jumped back to filming

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I guess it’s over the eighty-ninth year.

“My daughter Deniska was born that year, so I enjoyed the magic of parental leave. After the revolution, supply has shrunk, due to the replacement of the entire film and television industry. There were certain parties and I was no longer in them. And some offers didn’t attract me again. “

It’s no secret that you live with the son of director Jiří Sequens. But you two look like fire and water to me. You quite talkative, he’s rather quiet. How does it work?

“When I was engaged in Cologne, a young actor, Jiří Sequens, came to the theater as a reinforcement. We peeked at each other and honestly dated for three years. Then Jirka was called to the war and after about a year we agreed to take a break from the relationship. “

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Have you been making it difficult, about twenty years?

“Yes, in the meantime twenty years have passed since I married actor Rafael Pražák and had Denisa with him. Jirka also married and had a son, Kryštof. After twenty years, we met on one theater project. Jirka two years after the divorce and I am in divorce proceedings. The spark has jumped and we have been living happily ever after! ”

You can find the whole interview in the printed form of the daily Aha! (Jan 8, 2022)

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