The Squid Game actor who became the first Korean to win a Golden Globe


The president of South Korea celebrated the news publicly. Learn about everything this Netflix figure said after being recognized at 77.

The Korean actor who showed off at the Golden Globes.
© NetflixThe Korean actor who showed off at the Golden Globes.

The latest installment of the Golden Globes It was full of controversy and disappointment for many of the spectators who enjoy following the ceremonies live. But for South Korea, the news was the best: an actor managed to bring a statuette to that country for the first time. Is about Or Yeoung-su, the interpreter who gave life to the Player 001 in The Squid Game for Netflix.

The award was announced under the category Best Supporting Actor in a limited series or television movie. In this sense, they were nominated Billy Crudup for The Morning Show, Kieran Culkin for Succession, Mark Duplass for The Morning Show Y Brett Goldstein for Ted Lasso. Apparently, none of them achieved the impact of the artist who personified Oh II-nam in Squid Game, in the streaming giant.

The Asian country celebrates the news with great emotion. It’s not just about a good award-winning actor, but about a man with a deep story behind him. Today has 77 years, but he is considered a legend in the industry, starring in more than 200 productions since the beginning of his career. And he is not only an interpreter recognized by the awards because, in addition, he is a military retired.

Even President Moon Jae-in decided to publicly congratulate him and highlight his work on the Netflix series. “His career as an actor for more than half a century finally crossed borders and cultural differences, creating great emotional and lasting impressions on the world stage. I would like to express my respect and gratitude to actor Oh Young-soo, also known as ‘Gganbu Grandpa’”, He pronounced referring to the fact that he is a true friend.

And he concluded: “The message that The Squid Game conveys is heavy. On the outside it shows an extreme game that separates winners and losers, but there is a hidden message that tells the story of don’t lose hope and humanity despite the difficulties”. For his part, the actor replied: “After hearing the news, I said to myself for the first time: ‘you are a good guy’. We are no longer us within the world, it is the world within us. Embracing the scent of our culture and love for my family. Thanks to all of you in the world. I wish you a beautiful life”.

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