The specter of the crisis hovers over the Draghi government. Letta warns: if it falls, it goes to the vote

The president of the M5s Giuseppe Conte, 57, with Mario Draghi in the background

Rome – The shadow of a government crisis, despite the denials (by Conte), hovers over Mario Draghi and his ministers, especially thanks to the long series of tears and distinctions of the M5s on the weapons to be sent to Ukraine. Any risk of an accident is viewed with suspicion. The last concerns the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO. At first glance, it appears to be a “foreign” theme and instead it is “very Italian”. The Italian Parliament will have to vote, as a member of NATO, to ratify those two entries, albeit very soon, in the form of laws ratifying the two accessions. This is why if Salvini issues a peremptory “not now” and Conte expresses doubts and perplexities on the subject, the alarm goes off. What if Lega and M5s pull out and the government ends up underneath? Not surprisingly, the Democratic Party attacks Salvini (not Conte): “To say no, it helps Putin”. In short, any excuse is good and risks the crisis. Obviously, the main concerns relate to the request for discussion, and a vote, in Parliament, on new arms shipments to Ukraine. Next Thursday the premier will present himself in Parliament to report on the state of the art of the crisis in Ukraine and the first timid peace steps, but it is a simple statement: it does not provide for a vote or even a debate. But Conte and M5s continue to ask for it: to do this, however, it is necessary to present a parliamentary motion, to discuss it in the conference of group leaders, to schedule it. It means a long time. An advantage for the government, but it also means lengthening the trail of clashes, wearing it down in the last months of the legislature, the most delicate for all dossiers, from the NRP to the reforms. Then there is the form. The third shipment of war material (heavier than the previous ones) to Ukraine in the form of an inter-ministerial decree has just been published in the “Official Gazette” and more are being prepared. You don’t need a new grade because they are worth …

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