The song that Belinda dedicated to Nodal and continues to sing at her shows


Belinda and Christian Nodal were one of the most celebrated couples on the show and she dedicated this song to him before breaking up. He’s still singing it!

Belinda and Nodal
© GettyBelinda and Nodal

Belinda and Christian Nodal they began the romantic bond that united them for approximately three years in 2019 and everything seemed to indicate that the couple was going to reach the expected marriage without difficulties, but in February 2022 this story that seemed to come out of a fairy tale came to a controversial end, with cross statements and truly awkward moments.

Let’s remember that at an awards ceremony in 2019 Belinda was about to make his presentation and located Christian Nodal who was in the audience then she tried to get the Mexican to dance with her song Love at first sighta song he recorded with The blue Angels Y Horace PalenciaHowever, his future partner did not react in the best way at that time.

Belinda and the dedication to Nodal

Is “dedication” of Belinda a Nodal It ended in a kind of rudeness and the situation was later explained by the Mexican artist who said that at that moment he was very nervous, in addition to the fact that he was holding one of the prizes with which he had been awarded that evening for what he only knew it occurred to him to turn around Belinda and thank you for that attitude.

Surely this anecdote now serves to continue fueling the controversy with which Belinda and Christian Nodal they ended their relationship especially considering that this should have been a romantic situation between these personalities and yet the outcome of the rapprochement remained as “something truncated” serving as a preamble to the end of the romantic bond they shared until February 2022.

The truth is Belinda continue interpreting Love at first sight in his concerts despite the fact that many point out that the song may well remind him of his ex-partner Christian Nodal Although, to be honest, the Spanish actress and singer has a new version of that hit where the interpretation has a rhythm close to rock, which means the evolution of this artist since the time she dedicated the song to her ex-boyfriend. .

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