The son of the woman found in the freezer: “I washed her, I dressed her, I put her in pajamas”

A relationship “of deep symbiosis” and so the man would have been “traumatized” after realizing that his mother was dead. Angelo Bellanova, 55, the man under investigation for concealment of a body, would have kept Maria’s body for this reason Prudence Bellanova, 82 years old, in the freezer. “I washed her, I dressed her, I put her pajamas, a handkerchief that she loved so much, I put her in the sheet – she was little – and I thought ‘now I’ll put her here, then let’s see, I’ll call someone to get me help’”, the man told the microphones of Pomeriggio Cinque. But then “I didn’t make it”. Every day, according to his version of events, he opened that freezer. When asked why he did it: “He didn’t want the funeral.” The woman died on November 17 of natural causes.

The assignment for the autopsy will be conferred tomorrow and was ordered by the Brindisi prosecutor’s office to ascertain the cause and timing of the woman’s death. The body was discovered by the carabinieri on the afternoon of 22 November. The man, assisted by his lawyer Aldo Gianfreda, told investigators that when he became aware of his mother’s death, he watched over the body for a day then “for a sense of fear of being judged for the death of the parent and for the discouragement” he would have decided to hide the body. According to some of the woman’s nieces, however, for months the man has refused to let her aunt see her. Yesterday the police were alerted by some family members, with the carabinieri who reached the house where the mother and son lived with the staff of a social services cooperative who had followed the family until September.

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