The son of Tarzan, on RaiPlay in streaming from today the documentary film by Ficarra and Picone on disability

Tarzan’s son, the documentary film by Ficarra and Picone on disability arrives on RaiPlay in streaming from today 21 January

Tarzan’s sonthe documentary film by Ficarra and Picone on the disabilityis available on RaiPlay from today, January 21st. Giovanni Cupidi talks about his daily life made up of work, dreams and passions. The blogger documents his life in Palermo, which, like many Italian towns, is transformed into a jungle city for the disabled

You don’t have to live in a jungle to fly through the trees“. In his Palermo Cupidi, quadriplegic since the age of 13 due to ischemia of the medullary artery, is a brilliant statistician, blogger and activist for people with disabilities. Tarzan’s son documents the city-jungle of the disabled, where amid a thousand difficulties due to his handicap and a non-inclusive society, the protagonist manages to devote himself to projects and battles, for himself and for those who, like him, live with a form of disability.

Despite his condition, he graduated in Statistics and Economics and subsequently obtained a PhD in applied statistics, expanding his skills also to include IT aspects, issues of health, disability and overcoming mental barriers and not, which arise in everyday life.

In the title The son of Tarzan there is a reference to Giovanni Cupid’s childhood, when his father used to tell him phantom stories about the son of the king of the jungle, and a provocative metaphor: if cities were jungles, in fact, thanks to vines they would be much more suitable for him.

Since the age of 13, Giovanni has been fighting to ensure that people with disabilities are recognized for the rights that are still denied them: from home assistance to the removal of architectural barriers. The documentary is produced for Tramp Ltd by Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Picone, written and directed by Mariagrazia Moncada, with Giovanni Cupidi and Simona Cocozza.

It is not the first time that Ficarra and Picone have taken an interest in current affairs. Maintaining an ironic narration, they have written, produced and starred in films and documentaries where they have offered their gaze on unemployment, legality and precariousness as well as migration phenomena and the mafia.

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