The soap continues between Prince Bonanno of Linguaglossa and the model Tanya Yashenko: both investigated by the Rome Prosecutor’s Office

Love at first sight at a dinner, the birth of the relationship, the gifts and travels: he fills her with attention and gifts, an expensive Mercedes, luxury stays around the world, wire transfers and even a top-notch B&B. He also gives her his credit card. Then the reciprocal complaints are triggered. She accuses him of stalking, he of circumvention of inability (where the inability would be himself). But then they spend the New Year together. As if nothing had happened. Now the new episode of the tormented love story between Prince Giacomo Bonanno of Linguaglossa and the model Tanya Yashenko: they were both registered in the register of suspects. The Prosecutor of Rome has decided to proceed. The prosecutors will also have to clarify a double doubt. Would the recent denunciation of Giacomo Boinanno from Linguaglossa be a counterattack to defend against Tanya Yashenko’s stalking accusations? Or the woman’s previous stalking complaint would be a move to dominate her “already fragile emotional state”, As his lawyer claims, and extort money?

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But let’s go back to the beginning of this painful sentimental story. That not even the most popular TV drama would be able to match. The Sicilian prince, a handsome man over 50 who works as an exclusive travel consultant, meets Tanya, a much younger Belarusian model, in 2019. A feeling is born, a story, the two make a steady couple. But among international travels, social events, cover photos in the most magical places on earth and majestic outflows from (his) bank account, heavy criticalities also creep into their relationship. Thus, between back and forth, ups and downs, sun and rain, sea and mountains, sportswear and evening wear, you get to the young woman’s complaint against the prince, for stalking, and the prince’s counter-complaint against the young woman by circumvention of an incapable. Everyone will think: at this point they will be separated. But no. They keep dating. On and off. Then the judicial moves land on the media.

Thus it turns out that Giacomo Bonanno di Linguaglossa denounced “his ex – non ex” at the beginning of December (we could say so, ed). “I want the gifts back, I was clouded with love.” In short, unable to understand and want. But then it is always he who retracts on social media (with questionable grammar for a prince): “I would like to publicly apologize to my partner for my false statements “. “Have you made peace? I’m happy ”, asks a friend. “We have never quarreled and we have just returned from a beautiful trip and it was all a great and immense misunderstanding”. He is always the one who posts today on his Facebook profile a photo of the two of them next to a big Christmas tree on his Facebook profile: “I love her. A flower that makes me feel calm. I always miss you. ”If the mature nobleman is unleashed by posting photos and comments and opening his heart to the audience, what does the beautiful young blonde do? Nothing publicly. How he reacts we know from the prince to the press. “He called me and told me it’s all defamation. I replied that we must try to understand. ”Now it turns out from the documents that the woman had turned to a professional to analyze the noble’s harassing behavior. But after some talks with the prince, the doctor realizes that he too could be a victim.

The documents show that in the pile there are also huge expenses and withdrawals made by the woman with the prince’s credit card. For almost one million euros. Now the Sicilian noble is followed by a psychologist. The furious phone call from Tanya Yashenko after hearing the news of the denunciation against him from the newspapers, it would have thrown him into a total state of confusion. While she threatens to sue him for slander. he at times even denies having acted legally against her. He would not be able to realize the events, would have reverted to a semi-infantile state, certify the specialist.

Here are some comments from her friends at the latest apology post to her ex – not ex. “May the Lord help you dear”, “May this sad and grotesque affair find an end respectful of those who are fragile”, “When you give, you give with generosity. You gave her something and she gave you her youth, how much is it worth? Noble not ignoble “. “And oh well – adds a friend ironically – better be reconciled. And if you want to make a transfer to me too, I would be grateful “.

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