The SNB, such an unSwiss institution

Last August, Thomas Jordan, President of the Swiss National Bank (SNB), declared before the elite of central bankers in Jackson Hole that “solving climate change is not [son] job”. At the end of October, he announced that, over the first three quarters of this year, the SNB had made losses of more than 142 billion francs. Probably by pushing him a little, he would tell us, in accordance with his previous statements, that preserving our collective savings is not his job either. How is it possible that the person at the head of the most important institution for the economy of our country, which also manages an investment portfolio of almost 1000 billion Swiss francs – 20 times the size of the AVS fund , the equivalent of the mass under management of some 1,500 LPP funds in our country – can at this point, on these issues as on others, discharge its responsibilities?

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