The singer of the hit Né, five né! at the bottom: Cruel fate does not spare Melen

He outlived his mistress by four years, and now they are together again. Father was a great role model for Josef Melen. He led him to music from an early age, and a strong bond was formed between them over the years. His departure was all the more painful. “Dad, when he was happy. 11/13/2022 at 10:00 a.m. but his heart stopped beating. Music was his love, he left a lot of it here and I will gradually get one by one into the world. I love you, daddy!’ the singer announced the sad news through social networks.

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As reported by the daily Blesk, according to the available comments of his loved ones, Melen’s father lost his battle with an insidious disease. “You were your father’s support in his fight and he knew it. He lived with the joy of passing on his love of music to you together with his mother.” Melen’s acquaintance responded to the message. “I’m sorry, but if it went that fast, what’s better?” another one joined.

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Melen came in the spring of 2018 with his mother. He was at her bedside until the last moment. “It’s been a few hours since we were lying together on the same bed and I was talking to you hand in hand. I understood your every press. My mother, it was the strongest night of my life! I’ve never experienced anything like it, the last nine hours next to you, the last night with you,” wrote the then-singing drummer sadly on the social network. He was obviously very close to both parents, so it will probably take some time for him to come to terms with his father’s passing.

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