The singer Étienne Daho arrested by the police after stealing a vehicle: pictures of his detention broadcast on TV!

Before being the famous performer of hits like “Weekend in Rome”, “The first day“, or “Hindu Hours”, Étienne Daho had an unsuspected youth! This is what we get from his book, which has just been published “Etienne Daho, a secret book”, published by La Martinière. And Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine did not hesitate to raise the subject with him, this November 24, while she received him on her show on France 5, It’s up to you.

Etienne Daho arrested by the police

The host returned to a hiccup that happened to Étienne Daho when he was twenty years old. A little hotheaded, he was arrested for having borrowed a 4L downstairs from his home in Rennes. And this skid earned him a trip to the police station where his face and profile photo was taken, as is the case for criminals.

About the clichés, that France 5 broadcast on air, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine commented: “It’s your young scum period as you caption it”. And Etienne Daho to justify: “I was planning to return the car, it was just a loan”still full of mischief at 66.

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The close friend of Françoise Hardy assures: “I wanted to go downtown to go drink shots and when I got back in the car, I got squeezed”. From that night, he kept the memory of having flirted with danger, of course, but also and above all this proof constituted by the mugshot, which he managed to recover from a person working at the police.

“Not everyone has a picture like that”

With undisguised pride for this trophy, the singing star argued: “There are lots of fakes and things like that and I’m real”underlines Étienne Daho full of pride. “Delinquent Apprentice” only at the time he admitted “to still be happy” to have a small memory of this moment.

And Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, impressed to agree: “Not everyone has a picture like that”.


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