The singer and sexidol of the 80’s Samantha Fox: Romance with her wife

This looks like a love beam! That those two have a really tasty married life! Former singer Samantha Fox (56), a sexidol of men and boys from the 1980s, said yes to the Norwegian writer and manager Linda Olsen (46) over the weekend and, according to tradition, immediately went on their honeymoon after a spectacular ceremony in Epping Forest, Essex, UK.

To an unknown but apparently sunlit place somewhere in Europe. The latest photos from the romantic stay show how they shower each other and enjoy time around the pool.

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The newlyweds looked absolutely adorable in matching bohemian clothes even at breakfast, where the grapes fed sweetly to each other. “Love is much greater than anything else. You can’t help who you fall in love with, “Samantha believes.

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