The Simpsons: This LGBT Character Has Finally Found Love

If the series The Simpsons has often been talked about for its possible predictions, it is mainly because the screenwriters write their plots in relation to current events. The sitcom will also introduce for the first time a homosexual relationship within its scenario, in an episode of season 33 entitled Portrait of a lackey on fire. The character concerned will be Waylon Smithers Jr., Mr. Burns’ longtime assistant, who came out in season 27. So, what to expect for this special episode?

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Waylon Smithers

“Smithers finds true love with famous fashion designer, but will his new relationship destroy Springfield?”, reveals the synopsis of the episode in question. Mr Burns’ henchman should fall madly in love with Michael De Graaf, a famous fashion designer, voiced by actor Victor Garber. For the co-writer, Johnny LaZebnik, this plot is not part of a political or marketing issue, but of a real intention to be more inclusive. : “Too often, homosexual romances are relegated to the background, are brought up quickly or are used as a sort of montage or for a punchline.” Waylon’s love story will be explored from all angles.

What’s really exciting about this episode is that we will see the beginning, the middle and, who knows, maybe the end of a same-sex relationship as well, with a real dive into the reality of a same-sex relationship.

As for Victor Garber, the one who lends his voice to his love interest, he declared that he was “critically important that these stories be recognized”. “I haven’t played a lot of gay characters, but every time I do it reminds me of some feelings I had as a young actor where I couldn’t be gay”, he adds. Regarding another unusual news simpsons, know that this child is the only one to have called Homer “daddy”!

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