“The Simpsons”: the perfect ending for the series, according to the showrunner

On December 17, 1989 the series “The Simpson”, Through Fox, presenting a satire of American society that tells the life of a middle-class family, living in a fictional town called Springfield.

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Since its first broadcast, the program has remained current and with a high level of tuning, becoming considered one of the most watched animated series of all time. “The Simpson” was created by Matt Groening, who named the characters in honor of his family members, only changing his name to Bart.

Throughout its more than 30 years on the air, various scriptwriters have passed through the creative area and although due to its success it would not be believed that the end was near, it was recently announced that they already know what their last episode would be like.

All episodes of “The Simpsons” are on Star + (Photo: Disney)


There is an outline of what the final chapter would be. Al Jean, the current executive producer of the show, revealed that he has planned what the outcome of the fiction would be like, if the decision were solely up to him. Jean would like the story to end as it began; that is, in the Christmas season. As you remember, the beginning of “The Simpson” was focused on Christmas.

“I mentioned that there would be an ending where in the last episode, they would go back to the Christmas contest from the first episode so that the whole series was an endless cycle; this is how I would end it, if I had to “, expressed Al Jean.

The truth is that this ending is not confirmed and it is difficult to visualize it if the show continues to maintain good rating figures.

“To be honest, the conversation about the ending is going nowhere, especially since we are doing so well at Disney + in the US, UK and other countries in the Americas. I don’t see anyone saying, ‘Let’s get this over with or see how we’ll end it.’ I think we are the number one show in the US, and this includes the new episodes as well. “added.


Under the title “Christmas special”, the episode shows Homer, Marge and Maggie heading to the Springfield elementary school festival, where Bart and Lisa participate. It is at the end of the chapter that the yellow family adopts the dog that will accompany them to date, which they call ‘Santa’s helper’.

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