The Simpsons 2: Is the sequel still in development?

It’s a question that keeps coming back: The sequel The Simpsons will it see the light of day? Released in 2007, the first installment garnered both critical and commercial success with $ 530 million in worldwide box office entry. No wonder after that that the studios wanted to offer a sequel to the craziest family on the small screen. Fans have been waiting for the production of a second installment for a long time now. This delay also caused a certain pessimism among the faithful of the Simpson. Nevertheless, in a recent interview, the producer of the famous animated series wanted to reassure the public.

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The Simpsons, the movie. – Credit (s): FOX

In an interview with NME, Al Jean has indeed returned to the production of Simpson 2 trusting “that they had an idea”. However, the show taking a lot of time for the creators, they did not really have time to move forward on a second film. More specifically, the producer confided: “We have an idea, it’s just we wait and see what the environment is like. Do we want to release it on a streamer? Release it in theaters? Entertainment was slow to return to the theaters. Now, with the vaccine, the business could resume. We are on hold, but there is the seed of an idea. “

Homer and Spider-Pig in The Simpsons Movie.
Homer and Spider-Pig in The Simpsons Movie. – Credit (s): DR

And The simpsons 2 remains still very distant therefore, the words of the producer seem in any case rather encouraging. We look forward to discovering what this sequel has in store for us but also what is more precisely the famous idea teased by Al Jean. It also remains to be seen whether this sequel could land on the big screen or on Disney +, the platform hosting the cult series since its launch last year. Elsewhere in the news and still on this flagship series, find out what showrunner Matt Groening sees as the ideal ending!

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