The simple trick to paint your lips without staining your teeth

Without a doubt, homemade tricks (Life hack) have become more popular than ever with the arrival of TikTok. This time a makeup artist and user of the social network has made a video viral showing what the makeup trick is to paint her lips without staining her teeth.

The TikTok user @theanoughceke has been the one who has shared the makeup trick to never have to worry about whether or not we have lipstick stained teeth. The life hack is quite simple, you only need a cotton swab to show off perfect lips.

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How to paint your lips without staining your teeth

The first thing is to place the cotton swab in the corner of the lips, then apply the lipstick “You put it in your mouth like this, close it and apply the lipstick. This way it will be perfect for you, with the perfect corners, which are the most difficult part of making up the lips “, Explain.

It is in this way like the lipstick applies only to the outside of the lips and thus there are no traces of the makeup product inside that can stain the teeth and give us a hard time. A life hack that has surprised more than one TikTok user who will not hesitate to try it.

Viral video and comments

The viral video shared through TikTok has received hundreds of comments of surprise at how easy the trick and how unknown it was for most: “I had no idea about this”, has been the most repeated comment along with: “I will go to try it immediately”, have written the followers of this account.

The video has gone viral and in just a few days it has reached more than 2.5 million views and more than 25,000 ‘Likes’, from all those users who say they will try it soon.


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