The simple trick to change a ceiling light even if it is very high

All of us at some point have run out of light because the light bulb of the roof burned or has some damage. This is quite a problem and not precisely because we get an equal copy, but because it is very high and we have a phobia of heights or we do not have a ladder big enough.

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What do you do in such cases? wait for someone higher up to solve the problem or call a technician. But the latter means an unnecessary expense and what we are looking for, among other aspects, is to save money.

It is for this reason that in mag we bring you an infallible homemade trick to be able to change ceiling light without the need to resort to a ladder. Take note!

How to change a ceiling light even if it is very high

Before giving out this simple trick, it is recommended to turn down the electricity supply to avoid tragedies and also wait for the bulb to cool down completely.

Materials you will need:

  • A 500 ml plastic bottle
  • Scissors, cutter or knife
  • a broomstick

The first step will be to take the plastic bottle and cut it in half. Which part should I keep? where it twists Remove the cap and insert the broomstick into the mouth of the bottle.

Later, tighten so that they are not loose and then you will make sure that they do not have the same or similar measurements so that they fit perfectly, as required by the portal .

Now, take the broomstick and go to the light bulb in the ceiling. Don’t you need a ladder? Of course not because with the stick you will reach the ceiling without getting on any object.

After approaching the bulb you want to change, screw on the part of the bottle and start turning to remove it little by little. Now that you’ve accomplished the goal of lowering it, he inserts the new bulb into the broomstick with the round side facing down.

Finally, screw until the bulb fits perfectly in the bulb socket and that’s it. That way you will be able to change it without having to climb a ladder, just using a plastic bottle.

What is a home hack?

A homemade trick consists of carrying out a cleaning, repair, etc. activity, using cheap products that you can find in your home. These products are usually natural or easily accessible, which allows solving problems in a jiffy and without affecting the pocket.

Trick to clean light switches

  • First, turn off the general key of the house to avoid any accident.
  • Add a little alcohol on a piece of cotton
  • Rub the surface of the switches carefully, to prevent liquid from reaching the inside of the device
  • For the corners of the switches you can use a Q-tip
  • Finally, wipe with a soft, clean cloth to dry.

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