The simple homemade trick to make burnt pots as good as new

With use, it is normal for the outside of a pot to burn. Although some try to clean it by rubbing it with dish soap, this most of the time does not work. Fortunately, in social networks can be found various tricks to leave pans as shiny as when they were first purchased.

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Through your account TikTok, the user Ramdeep.osahan, who usually shares some homemade tricks and viral videos of experiments, revealed a simple method to get clean the outside of a blackened pan. To do this, it uses five ingredients: salt, baking soda, liquid dish soap, napkins and white vinegar.

The steps to follow are simple. First, you have to add a little salt and bicarbonate on the part to be cleaned, then add the liquid soap and with the help of a sponge we distribute the mixture well throughout the pan.

Next, you have to cover the pan with napkins, which will be responsible for absorbing all the accumulated fat. Finally, add the white vinegar to the pan and let it act.

After a few minutes, the napkins are removed, along with the accumulated grease and dirt.

The viral trick to make burnt pots as good as new

The simple and effective tiktoker trick has gone viral with more than 2 million views and thousands of likes.

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