The sibling’s wedding did not unite: Who coughed on Vágner?

Closing schedule of all six children of musician Karel Vágner (79) will give a nice job. Therefore, it is no surprise that not everyone meets at family events. And marriage was no exception. When Jakub Vágner married fisherman Claudia Darga on Saturday, the guests missed both Karel Vágner Jr. and singer Josef Vágner. Instead, the eldest of the brothers and his wife Simona enjoyed an autumn walk around Prague.

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Apparently this is not surprising, nor is it easy for the family to celebrate together. Everyone already has their own family or friends, so the holidays of peace and quiet are spent in stages in the Vágner family. “Dad divides us and we take turns with him,” quotes Josef Vágner on the website.

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But a wedding is something else, on such an occasion one would expect the whole family to meet. After all, Jakub Vágner was supported by almost the whole family every night during the 10th StarDance series. The famous fisherman was grateful for the family’s support and even thanked his brother Karl, who was sitting with his wife Simona Krainová. in the audience. But not all siblings showed up at StarDance either.

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“I was not there for one reason only because I was not invited. Jakub didn’t call me, he didn’t write, so I didn’t force myself. I know our sister Teresa was there every transmission, and then other siblings, but I was probably not wanted. And most of all, I was on a Christmas tour, “ Josef Vágner clarified the complicated family situation at the time.

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