The show of love from a granddaughter to her grandfather who is a fan of Elvis Presley every Christmas

It’s not a secret that TikTok It has become the application of the moment and this is mainly because anyone can upload videos about food recipes, challenges, makeup tips, homemade tricks, paranormal things and, above all, special family moments. A clear example of this can be seen in the clip shared by a young woman mexican who went to live in the United States in search of his dreams.

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His name is Ireland Yannani () and, like many people who leave their lands to fulfill their goals, he traveled to the United States and one of the things that affected him the most is spending Christmas away from his loved ones.

As can be seen in the audiovisual material, the young woman tells that every Christmas she sang and danced to the songs of Elvis Presley to his grandfather, who is a number 1 fan of the American composer and actor.

While in Mexico, the young woman would grab her cane and pretend she was on stage. This was loved by her grandfather, who enjoyed the show that her granddaughter put together in the living room. Fate separated them, but the tradition did not stop.

Although it is true, Ireland did not indicate since when she has lived in the United States, everything indicates that the video would be a year ago because her mother’s house is decorated with Christmas lights and it even seems that she is wearing a kitchen apron to remove the turkey from the oven.

Watch the viral video here

far from his land


“The difficult thing is not to start from scratch, it is to leave behind everything that fills your heart”, wrote the tiktoker, who would also spend this 2022 away from her loved ones, but that does not mean that she will stop dancing or singing Elvis Presley songs to her grandfather.

TikTok, once again, becomes a tool or bridge in which people remember special moments with their family and even more so if they live in another country, as is the case in Ireland. The clip surpassed half a million views.

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