The shocking video in which a tornado destroys a cafeteria on the Russian coast

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In social networks it has become viral a video of the exact moment when a whirlwind made landfall in the Lázarevskoye area, Sochi, and caused serious damage to a cafeteria. The authorities confirmed that the natural phenomenon did not leave victims, but did cause some damage to the dock’s infrastructure. Video is trending Youtube.

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There is no technology or person who has a crystal ball and can give exactly when an event will occur. tornado in the water, but you can avoid misfortunes. In the Russian city of sochia whirlwind of more than 100 meters high alarmed the citizens on the coast.

The natural phenomenon formed this Wednesday, June 22, and caused serious damage when it made landfall in Lázarevskoye, which has a peaceful area of ​​​​resorts with an extensive coastline. The most affected establishment was the cafeteria called “Neptuno”.

As can be seen in the viral video on YouTube, the tornado entered the thing and destroyed several trees. The “Neptune” cafeteria was left without a roof as a result of the whirlwind, but no injuries or fatalities were recorded, as reported by the Russian portal .

According to local authorities, the storm warning in Sochi will continue on June 23 and 24, respectively. Residents and tourists on the coast should be safe from natural phenomena and do not rule out the formation of another whirlwind in the area.

What happens after a tornado?

Tornadoes can damage power lines, gas lines, or water lines, creating conditions for electrocution, explosion, or fire. It is important to take care that there are no more injuries once the tornado has moved away, according to .

What causes a tornado?

A cold and a hot air current converge horizontally. When this meeting occurs, the hot air that should be above the cold air is trapped in a lower plane and causes both currents to flow at different heights in parallel and in opposite directions, depending on

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