The series that Netflix canceled but you must give it a try

With so much offer to see stories in Netflix, many times it is difficult to keep up with each of those series or movies. To this, we must add the frustration that sometimes it happens that the platform decides not to renew it beyond the seasons broadcast and leaves viewers with an unfinished ending. In this category, series such as I am not ok with this O Jupiter’s Legacy, which did not go beyond a delivery.

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The fact that they have been canceled does not mean that they are not entertaining to watch or that there is good material to enjoy. Knowing in advance that the ending will be open, some productions can be seen to have a good time. Among these stories appears one that knew how to have Regina King just before she was recognized with her well deserved Oscar: Seven Seconds.

What is Seven Seconds about?

The premise of Seven Seconds it is as brutal as it is effective. The story begins when, from an accident, a policeman attacks a boy who was riding his bicycle and ends his life. Far from taking charge of the situation, he calls some colleagues who convince him to hide all the evidence and not report the situation so as not to be convicted.

The problem will begin to come to light when the child’s mother (Regina King), start calling for justice and pulling the strings for an investigation to take place. In the middle, a young woman with severe addiction problems will appear, who seems to be the only one who saw the event and could be a problem for the officers involved in this sequence.

Seven Seconds it was canceled after a season, but can still be consumed as a miniseries. It is a fiction that focuses on the racism of the system, on police brutality, and on the failures and corruption that are part of the police department. The only season of fiction created by Veena Sud It consists of 10 episodes that were released in 2018.

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