The series on the Menem family advances: see all the details

With the announcement confirmed of a series that will premiere Amazon call “Menem returns”work began in the pre-production stage and to look for the actors who can best represent the physical to roll of one of the family members. But what surprised was the search for who will interpret the figure of the former president Carlos Saul Menem.

Look at how the Menem-Yoma relationship began and that, later, would form the controversial family

Director Ariel Winograb started pre-production on a new series about the menem family. For weeks, she dedicated herself to finding the right places and the ideal actors to play each of the characters. winograbKnown for his detail-oriented and perfectionist style, he went through the series’ scripts and dialogue one by one to make sure everything was in order.

According to the pavada of Daily Chroniclethe series is taking shape “Menem returns” who drives Ariel Winograd And what does the giant produce? Amazon. They are already in the casting stage, looking for actors and actresses to Zulema, Zulemita, who is dating the former president of River Plate Rodolfo D’OnofrioCarlitos Menem Jr.., among others. Some chapters will be recorded in The Rioja thanks to the support of the provincial government.

The new series of the Menem family will bring controversy

To establish the cast of the series, winograb He did a rigorous casting. Each actor had to interpret a scene from the series and demonstrate his ability to convey the emotions and personality of each character. The director looked for actors who could give life to each of the family members Menem, from Carlos Menem even his children and his closest circle.

Winograd he personally takes care of choosing the interpreters, as he did in “Manager” and “The theft of the century”, among other films. The idea is to record it between June and September of this year, and the big question is who will embody the two-time president of the Nation. He’s going to talk.

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