The secret of her son’s death jumped out: Michal David’s cousin shot himself

Apparently, he had planned a voluntary departure from the world for a long time. “Ivan called me the terrible news on Monday morning. It took me a while to understand that it was true, “he entrusted the daily Aha! singer.

The last meeting

“Jakub was a great boy. The last time I saw him was on the ninth of April in Liberec, when he came there with my wife Blanka to my concert. They were both in a good mood. “ he remembered David. “I can’t imagine what led him to do that,” the singer mused of his half-cousin’s death. “And if there were any debts and disagreements over the business, as they say, it’s really crazy,” he sighed.

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Non-blood relatives

How did the bloodless relationship between Michal David and Jakub Vyskočil actually form? The singer’s father Vladimír Štancl († 79) once married the actor’s sister Ivan Vyskočil and lived together in exile in Switzerland. David has not seen himself with his father and his new wife, Eva, for ten years. “Then I met Ivan and he gave me a letter from my father, which he had had with him for two years. And based on this letter, I met my dad. “ revealed the singer earlier.

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Family entanglement

“Michal’s father married my sister and he was not in contact with his son for a long time. I don’t want to discuss why, let me just say that he didn’t break up with his mother, “ Ivan Vyskočil explained the family entanglement. “Sometime in the 1980s, during a phone call, they wondered if they saw a guy on TV singing with Kroky František Janeček, and that they have the impression that it is Ladíček. Michal is the birth name of his father Vladimír. So I looked for him, we met and I put them together with a Swiss family. “

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