The Sea Girls at the Café de la Danse with Anthologie ou Almost! in January 2022 – invitations

By Laura B. Posted on January 7, 2022 at 5:25 p.m.

The Sea Girls, a burlesque song trio, is back in Paris at the start of the year. The Sea Girls are playing “Anthologie ou Presque!”, Their new show, at the Café de la Danse, from January 9 to 14, 2022. Want to discover them on stage? Answer the question at the bottom of the article to try to win your invitations!

The Sea Girls Those are 3 singers – actresses who are in the humorous song and burlesque, as can Les Coquettes and others.
In this month of January 2022, Les Sea Girls occur at Dance Café with their spectacle Anthology or Almost! They are there on the January 9 to 14, 2022.

The Sea Girls so these are Judith Rémy, Prunella Rivière and Delphine Simon, who designed this spectacle. One new show which takes on the appearance of best-of since the 3 Sea Girls offer the best of their repertoire, revised and corrected in 2022 sauce.

On scene, they are accompanied by 2 musicians (which play 12 instruments) and offer no less than 17 songs, with wigs and choreography of course. News and surprises are also on the program forAnthology or Almost!

Since 2007, the Sea Girls have proposed several spectacles, Rickshaw songs, The Sea Girls celebrate the end of the world, Pee on the grass, The Burlesque Review and The Sea Girls in power. Anthology or Almost! takes the best of the songs that make up each of these shows.

Meet at Dance Café, at the beginning of the year to (re) discover the repertoire burlesque from Sea Girls !

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