‘The Scorpion King’: Producer confirms reboot is still in development

In an interview with Screen Rant, the producer Hiram garcia confirmed that the reboot of ‘the scorpion king‘ is still in development.

“Universal Pictures approached us and really wanted to find a way to explore that universe again. So we’re having so much fun figuring out how to make the new version work. We are still working on it. We want to bring the Scorpio King back to life. This is a very special project for me as the original film was the first one I worked on. That’s when I realized I wanted to be a producer. And it was Dwayne Johnson’s first starring role.”

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It completes, “There is still a lot of love for this franchise. If we can find a way to bring her back, it would be very rewarding for us.”

Previously, it was announced that the Oscar-nominated screenwriter Jonathan Herman (‘Straight Outta Compton’) was responsible for the plot.

For now, there aren’t many details about the production or debut forecast.

For those who don’t remember, the original film is set in the city of Gomorrah, where Memnon rises up as an evil ruler who is determined to slaughter everyone who opposes him. The few surviving tribes, which were never allies, are forced to unite in order not to disappear.

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Knowing that their enemies believe and depend on the visions of a sorcerer, they hire Mathayus, an effective mercenary, to eliminate him. After infiltrating the enemy camp, Mathayus discovers that the sorcerer is actually a beautiful woman.

Despite mixed reviews of the first film and lukewarm box office revenue (almost $180 million), Universal continued the franchise and produced four sequences, being the most recent ‘The Scorpio King 5: The Book of Souls’, in 2018.

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