The school starts again talking about strategies, but not about students

by Alessandro Pezzini

The school has restarted. Lame, positive, masked, remote, on wheels. But it started again. We said goodbye at the end of December giving us an appointment for these days with a vibrant caution. We were not sure that we would see each other again as now we do not know how long it will last. What we do know is that we do the most important thing in the world and we cannot stop because in the class group we learn, resist, dream, grow. And then you win.

In this period I have seen Ministers, Governors and Presidents wage war (more or less, depending on the territory) regarding presence or distance, public transport, FFP2, a tamponi o vaccines. Don’t get me wrong: it’s all absolutely correct. We understood that the duration of this pandemic is not reduced by alternating one all-in to another but rather by identifying, among many variables, the suitable strategy to reduce the risk by a few percentage points useful for containing a dose of risks and, at the same time, for working, buying and more generally living.

What bothers me a little is that I have very rarely heard the authorities speak of students; children, adolescents or young people who are. Those who started primary school in 2020 have not yet experienced elementary school as we remember them. He couldn’t exchange games, he couldn’t play the games linguacce to anyone, he could not have fun too much and all their well-being depended on the creativity of the families and the teaching staff, in addition to resilience of the non-teaching staff. Maybe of school collaborators hired on Covid contract and who almost – almost – hope for a state of emergency be extended again a little to be able to finish the year and not abandon the boys with whom they managed to establish a positive relationship. But do you remember how much good the janitors gave us?

And so on between those who can’t meet anyone they like, those who graduated without friends behind to give support and those who graduated in streaming without giving a shred of a party. Seeing all this from the inside on a daily basis, I assure you: it is a drama. Specifically, among all the difficulties, the queen was trying to transform the ghetto of the “disabled in presence and all the others at home” into an intimate and enjoyable learning and smiles under the masks.

Our kids are the ones who have been in these two years they lost most of all, because their holes do not concern exclusively turnover but sociality, experience, growth, sharing and, generally speaking, life.

Growing up, perhaps, we take it for granted the fact that what we experienced in those years contributed enormously to making us what we are today. These are the best years of life – we always tell ourselves – and millions of young people, of the generation that will have the world in their hands tomorrow, will never know. And they are enduring all of this without making a mess.

We must admire them despite the reselling, the trap, the chunky sneakers and the bad hairstyles. We need to start looking at school no longer just as an environment in which to teach something but from which, thanks to the boys and girls who live there, we can learn very.

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