The scandal is escalating! Miss Bulgaria is categorical: I have never uttered such words

The scandal between Miss Bulgaria Ventsislava Tafkova and the eco-activists escalated after the miska was quoted in the yellow media with a ridiculous statement. “Wear your pods, you poor fellows!” I’m a different category,” were the words that blew up the internet and sent the buzz sky high.

“I want to turn around to the yellow media quoted me with made up words that I NEVER said. My phone records every single call that is archived! I can easily prove exactly what I said about fox coats! Namely that I wear both natural and eco-leather, sushlyak, and I don’t let clothes define me as a person.” Tafkova burst out on Instagram.

She is adamant that she has never divided people into rich and poor and has always tried to help people in need both in business and financially. Miskata warns that she has already contacted her lawyer and will seek her rights due to defamation.

“You tarnish not only my name and me as a person, but also the title of Miss Bulgaria – just because of a few extra clicks and circulation! Who is mercantile in this case?”, ends the angry bowl.

We remind you that the whole mess started with one photo in which TAfkova poses with a natural leather coat. On the Internet, she was quickly attacked by ecologists and popular eco-activists in our country. “These same celebrities who consider themselves ‘eco-activists’ were dressed head-to-toe in rabbit and mink coats yesterday, while at home wiping their feet in natural skins.” the mouse was furious.

A few days later, she was again attacked by the yellow media. They quoted her with unforgiving words, which Tafkova is adamant that she never uttered.

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